The origin of epoxy is connected to the Arabic world which means polished and ground plaster or tight and basically refers to using material/technique that is held in North America even though its subsequent diffusion and origin is in the Roman Empire.

You can apply stamped concrete flooring and epoxy on highly decorative linings and cement mineral looking toilets, bathtubs, walls, and floors. Epoxy floors are the best options for restaurants. It is also ideal for any wall flooring and decoration in museums, hospitals, kindergarten, schools, shopping malls and stores, offices, hotels, and homes. These flooring material clearly put forward their magnificent properties on this surfaces. Epoxy is ideal for patios, bathrooms, stairs, interior walls, and floor coverings. The material is applied on tile or marble.

This is a seamless continuous coating that has the ability to offer the same language like decorative walls and floors. The materials are also fabulous for pavement work because they don’t produce any quick release or debris. Epoxy is the best choice for polished concrete. It is also flame retardant. When it comes to the crystalline structure, epoxy reflects heat and light radiation.

This construction material has a high resistance to high adhesion, wear, abrasion and low thermal diffusion and deformability for a mineral coating. Epoxy floors are very clean in comparison to other materials or systems. You will have your space fully renovated and free from dirt in a few hours. The flooring is continuous and hand polished and can be used for both the outdoors and indoors. They don’t require any seals and the good part is that you will not see any cracks.

This gives you an excellent opportunity to renew your tiled walls and tiles. Epoxy coatings will bring a modern touch to your walls. It is washable and thus applicable for heavy use areas such as laundries, bathrooms and kitchens. This is also an excellent option for mosaic tiles, hiding, or outdoor floor that are worn out. You can apply epoxy on walls, pavements, and floors. It’s an easy application to make and you will realize the strength. The good news is that you require very little maintenance.

You can also combine epoxy with other materials like wood and stone. You can color it in ant shades and delivers unique and crafts finishes in walls and flooring. The aesthetic of its walls and floors will stand out in a positive manner and this will give you an interesting decoration. Apart from matching any decorative wall papers, you cannot compare it in terms of impermeability, durability, and strength. Therefore, stamped concrete flooring and epoxy remains to be one of the best choices for all types of flooring.